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The World Seen from Here

Beatrice is the daughter of the best grocer in the neighborhood. Endowed with blonde hair and freckles, she’s sporty, elegant and stylish. Her greatest love is treehouses. A red-headed young man, Antoine is an entrepreneur. Tall and agile, he’s known for his ability to work with wood. It’s rumoured he built a treehouse.

Beatrice is intrigued and seeks out Antoine. She makes an appointment to see the treehouse and that’s where she meets Giorgio. With dark hair and alert eyes, he’s the curious type and never misses a great opportunity.

That day in the treehouse, the three enjoy each other’s company so much they meet frequently, keen to share anything that catches their attention. They enrich their friendship at each meeting.

Through the relationship between Giorgio, Beatrice and Antoine, this story for young readers shares the message that we are all unique, and tolerance for each other allows us to live in a world of endless discoveries. The friends are not troubled by their differences, but are intrigued by them.

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